Used Cars Mansfield TX – Chronicles

Buying a car, truck or SUV can be very difficult, stressful and time consuming. As soon as you purchase the vehicle and drive it off the lot it depreciates quickly. Whether you buy a used or new car the chances are you are going to spend much more than the car is worth. Even when you think you are getting a “good” deal, the salesman still walks away with a large commission. Have you ever thought their might be a easier way to save money on your next car purchase?Get more details at- Used Cars for Sale in Arlington Texas.

Many Americans purchase automobiles in many ways which differ from going to the dealership. Cars are sold on eBay for example. Another way of purchasing cars is through a government auction, fleet liquidation sale, police auction, repossession sale, online government sale and many others. Most people do not think about how purchasing a used car could really benefit them. Purchasing a car through any of these methods could save you or thousands! How can this be true? What is the catch?

There is no catch. All of the questions you have can be quickly answered. Here are an example of frequently asked questions:

  1. Why are the cars so cheap? How can this be true? Every day thousands of Americans default on their car loans or lease payments… as a result, their new or almost new cars get repossessed or seized by the financial institutions and auctioned off in a hurry, because the cost of storing the cars outweighs the banks’ ability to try to make the lost money back (same with police auctions, etc.). Consequently, lucky people who have access to direct sources where the cars are being sold would find themselves overwhelmed by dirt-cheap offers that look unbelievable to the average car buyer. This is real and is being taken advantage of by many car dealers. The US government also needs to sell the own vehicles after a certain stipulated time due to policies and overall financial concerns. At such stage these vehicles have been written off in the books and offered to the public.
  2. So why everyone wouldn’t buy a car this way, instead of the usual going to the dealer or classified ads routine? Because this is a very protected source of revenue for the majority of car dealerships and is not advertised to the general public. However, they have gathered enough information and access rights to be able to let our members enjoy a multitude of the direct sources where one could find their next vehicle with up to 90% savings off the book value price.
  3. Are these cars in “good” condition? Yes, Government bodies not only take great pride in the upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles but it’s also part of their organizational responsibility to comply with work safety legislation etc. You will find most of the vehicles come with stamped log books, complete with service history. Also many of them are still under manufacturer’s warranty. Most cars are only 2-3 yrs old and majority has traveled between 25,000 – 40,000 miles. As you see this is an opportunity to save thousands of dollars that not everyone is aware about.